I was born with a rare physical disability. In short I'm a double above knee amputee, I don’t have flexibility in my wrists & my height is 3ft & 1 inch. Before I began my journey at a FullyRaw vegan I was 168lbs (my normal weight should be about 80lbs). I had high blood pressure, anemic, pre diabetic, I was being watched for cancer & i had a horrible, physically exhausting chronic cough from acid reflux, irregular menstrual cycles, hair constantly falling out, feeling sluggish, tired, depressed, & had really lost touch w myself ( to name few thing I was going through internally mentally, emotionally & physically) I was on multiple medications that were not solving my issues.

Mary Mocny

Kristina’s 5 day juice challenge was truly an experience I will never forget. I was a completely novice juicer before starting this challenge, and now I am a juicer for life. My mind, body, and spirit were thriving and happy during the course of this juice “feast” and it was a perfect transition to incorporating more of a raw food diet into my daily life. The private zoom sessions were so amazingly beneficial and her advice in guidance was invaluable. Kristina has such a calming, caring spirit, it wouldn’t have been the same without her running this challenge!I have since done an additional 5 day challenge and I absolutely plan to do it again (and again!)!

Lauren Delizia

Community, empowerment, deep-diving conversations, growth, and of course gorgeous vibrant recipes. Simply put: The Inner Circle transfigured me in numerous means. Before joining I felt numb to life as if my existence was secluded through the animation of day-to-day functions. I lacked confidence, self-love, proper nourishment, and a supportive community. The Inner Circle was the ray of sunshine I craved for so long. I originally joined to gain insight into the importance of a raw vegan diet, though I acquired so much more.

Isabella Marzano 

I am doing the 5 day juice feast and what a great experience this has been. I am 62 years old and a former endurance athlete. I have since left the endurance training regimes behind. My body has not felt well for a number of years and I truly believe I stripped myself to the bone on a cellular level. Not enough energy and difficulty focusing. Drinking coffee and tea to get through the day. I may also have been exposed to some environmental toxins in my office and home.


Just thinking about my journey these past 137 day, I can honestly say that I will never be the same. I am 41 years old, I have 5 amazing children, I have been married for 13 beautiful years, I have a strong religious background... and yet... I was empty.  Because when I looked in the mirror, I was not happy with me. 

Becoming raw has brought light into the dark places of my life... the places of past hurts and self sabatoge, that unhealthy foods were "covering up".  I was stuffing myself into silence with food, when on the inside, I was screaming. 

On our first zoom call, you saw my shame. As I hid behind how wonderful my life was, you went deeper. You called out the shame that was hidden deep within me... and at that moment... I never felt more loved.  I broke. On that video call in front of you and all those people... I broke.  I wept.  And I felt safe. You provided me a safe place to break. 

Erika Brown

Hello Kristina, 

I been part of this Inner Cirle group for about a month now and for these weeks, I've been wanting to reach out to you but wasn't sure of what I really wanted to say. I read your latest post on Instagram(talking about the post on 9th of May) and I was deeply touched by it and thought I had to write to you to tell you how much you've really impacted my life in a positive way. I remember when I first discovered you on YouTube, it was in fall/winter 2015. I remember I was mesmerized by how good, healthy you looked and how beautiful and colorful everything you ate looked. To me, you were just glowing. Truly, from the inside out. Your eyes, and you whole being. I loved how genuine you seemed. I clicked the "subscribe" button and you were the first person I followed on YouTube. I became vegan in 2016 and later on raw vegan. Now I'm happy to say I've been following a raw vegan lifestyle for the past 3 years. Being the example and leading the way isn't the easiest thing to do, because not everyone will want to understand what your doing and why you are doing it.

Maria Raita

"I Found My Tribe"

Joining the Fullyraw Inner Circle Group has taken my health freedom journey to the next level. Being able to connect weekly in a safe space and supporting each other as we all evolve into the best versions of ourselves is a "Game Changer." It prepared me for stepping out of my comfort zone and I was able to attend the Fullyraw retreat in St. Lucia. Now I have a bigger community of "Life Minded" friends.

Cat Norris

Joining Kristina Inner Circle is one of the biggest gifts you can gift YOURSELF! After losing my beloved mentor to Covid in April 2020  encountered a mild depression that led to my 50th birthday in February 2021, that when I made the best decision I could make! I decided to gift myself with Kristina 21 fully raw & vegan challenge that started just a few days after my birthday, once the challenge was over, I didn't want this transformative experience to end, so I signed up for the Inner Circle to continue to gift myself with Kristina's immense knowledge, motivation and inspiration! I believe that our body is our temple and so we should treat it with an upmost respect. I've been leading a vegan lifestyle for years, never let any addictive substance enter my body and with a background as a professional dancer, I kept my body in a great physical shape.

Galit Adani

I have been more than grateful to be a part of the inner circle with Kristina. No matter what stage your in your health journey Kristina is so kind loving and informative. I came to the inner circle after a juice feast Kristina made a challenge of 5 days. It was life-changing. My heart was in low vibration and to have community and this group has helped me discover my better self and to be gentle with myself. It’s an amazing group to talk about not just health in food but relationships and boundaries. I believe people will benefit from this lovely group without judgment and show love and kindness. Thank you for everything.



Massiel Alejandra 

Eating whole raw foods has been one of the best experiences of my life!  I have been following Fully Raw Kristina for such a long time. Her Fully Raw book, videos, app and coaching programs are nothing short of outstanding! Kristina puts such energy, ease,  expertise, professionalism, time and knowledge into her channel and programs.

Yvonne Cherek

My name is Marie Nadine Pierre. I want to let everyone know that Kristina's Social Media presence, especially on Youtube and Instagram, has helped me ground myself in the Raw vegan lifestyle. I struggled with several health conditions that were quickly healed with a raw vegan lifestyle, and I was grateful when Kristina started to share her expertise with us on Youtube. I've watched her videos for over a decade, and I learn so much from each one. I love how she makes me feel like I'm part of her community of people who believe in the raw vegan lifestyle.

Marie Nadine Pierre

Kristina has been a bright light in my life for many years.  I met her at her incredible co-op Rawfully Organic, here in Houston, TX.  Her own vibrant positivity was mirrored in the beauty of the produce she included in the shares.  She built relationships with local farmers, gathered a wonderful team of volunteers, and provided a sense of nurturing community along with those amazing boxes of the most fresh and delicious produce ever. 

Kat Denton

Kristina’s Inner Circle group has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who all share one goal, to improve our lives for the better. In the inner circle group, I am not alone and I get to connect with Kristina and other people for advice, help, or just a shoulder to cry on. I am always amazed to see how kind and patience Kristina is with everyone, and she gives one on one attention to those who need it and even encourages us to cry! She constantly reminds us that the group is a safe space, and for that, I am forever grateful for Kristina.

Khadijah Pace

When I decided to join this journey and be a part of the Fully Raw 21 Day Vegan Challenge, I never imagined it would be such a wonderful experience! 

For 21 days I was blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, positive, loving, supportive, and extremely amazing people!

I can’t thank Kristina enough! She is truly an inspiring and a beautiful person! I will always have such an appreciation for her and all of her support! She has impacted my life in such a positive way. I have learned to really appreciate food in a way I never could have imagined. Prior to this challenge food was just food. Now I have such a deep appreciation for the foods I consume.

Cynthia P.

I’m not a vegan, however I do have a passion and desire for health and wellness by eating healthy and adopting wholistic remedies for illness. After my own challenges with my health, it led me down a path of ALL NATURAL as much as possible and with every facet of life. What I eat, what I wear, what I put on my skin and what surrounds me. All that to say, I am AMAZED by Kristina’s recipes and find myself gravitating to them daily!! AND, craving them! So glad I found her and look forward to making more of her recipes. I’m just blown away that these cakes, and dishes look incredible and taste great! I would have never thought that you could make such delicacies 🥰 ;


I am recently raw vegetarian and found Kristina at the right time. The recipes are delicious. The app is easy to use and I like the videos- nice touch! I really like having the instant grocery list which is really helpful too. However, I can’t always remember which recipes those groceries are for! One thing that I think would enhance the app is some sort of list that reminds which recipes I chose for the week. Hey, I’m 52 so I need all the help I can get. Overall - awesome experience here

raw mama LP.

Greatest and most organized recipe Platform ever this is so amazing ! Following fully raw Christina has changed my life I am so grateful for all her hard work and making my life better maybe I can live a few more years ,I also contacted her for a recipe that she might make super bomb you should download this APP And get the yearly subscription so worth it and tell everybody about this app SOOOOOO amazing

joseph todirash

This app has given me all the tools I need to maintain a raw food lifestyle . I am 40lbs down and full of energy and health. Every recipe is mouth watering and my husband who is a plant-based vegan has now incorporated 50% More raw foods because of this app . thank you Kristina! For 10 years you have given me the tools to be healthy and thrive . I pray you continue to develop more recipes, retreats and lifestyle tips ! 💚🥬🫑🥦🥕 In good health , Monica


This app is wonderful and well organized!! The grocery list makes it so easy to make quick decisions and gather supplies when I’m out running errands. All the pictures and videos are beautiful and the food created energizing and wholesome! I’ve been practicing raw foods almost 8 years now, and indulging on Kristinas creations has opened a world of new possibilities. I’m on cloud 9! :) <3 P.S. my one year old baby loves these recipes too- he couldn’t stop drinking the orange, spinach, basil smoothie today. It was a hit for the whole family!

ania tominga








I have been learning from the materials you post for many, many years! Your app is impressive and there is no other that compares. Bright. Vibrant. Life giving information, ideas, and recipes. If we could all carry the passion you have inside, what a kinder, more healthy, loving world this would be!! Thanks for this app!! And the awesome tool for success that it is!!


I have lost weight and I am excited about life again. Feeling strong all because I now know the secret to youthful energy. Green plants and lots of them. I love all the recipes. Thank you to this amazing woman for being a fantastic mentor to all of us who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Well done! God bless.

Christina Aquin Pope

After years of following Kristina on Instagram, I finally bought the Nama juicer and I absolutely love it. So, I decided that I also needed the app for great recipes. It’s been awesome. I’ve made juices, nut milks, and the cheese dip from the cashew pulp. It tastes fantastic!

Canadian Juicer

Ok. Everything so far has been really delicious. Really educating me on amounts to eat on raw. Would be great to have a separate area to “hold” recipes I want to try as well as the space to hold the ones I love. Keep it up, Kristina. You’re a rockstar.

Mads Self

I LOVE this app so far! All recipes are awesome, easy and clear. Really helps you stay on track to continue being healthy. Worth every dime!


Get it if you want to be successfully raw. This girl is amazing in every way possible. She’s smart and she created this app in a super efficient design. It comes with so much information and handy tools. It’s easy to scroll through and you can spend hours looking at the recipes. This makes going raw a breeze. I wouldn’t be as happy raw if it weren’t for her videos and especially this app. Buy it!! You will not regret this top notch purchase!


Fantastic book. Bought a few of them for friends. You can boost your health 100% and help save the animals from ending up on our plates! Kristina gives out a powerful message. She is a massively quality person and deserves every success. No hesitation in giving this extremely colorful and well written captivating book FIVE STARS!

Amanda Swan (via Amazon)

So many times we try to heal ourselves through other means without ever taking a deep look at what we consume on a daily basis. I for one was so naive to believe that my diet could never be responsible for my sickness. I am 27 years old and in March, I will have been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis for 13 years now. In December 2014, I hit the lowest point of my health when I had to undergo emergency dialysis and prepare for a kidney transplant, all while doing chemotherapy in the meantime...

Cindy M. (via Amazon)

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I started my transition to vegetarian in 2012, vegan 2014 and attempted Raw in 2015. For the month I was able to eat RAW was the healthiest I have ever felt! I couldn't maintain the diet because my education behind the Fully Raw diet was slim to none. Although I did research, nothing really spelled out the day to day life of what it is like to be Fully Raw...

Angela Scarfia (via Amazon)

There have been so many times in my life that I have tried to have a healthy relationship with food and continued over and over to feel defeated. When I started watching your videos 3 years ago I was still in high school and I felt so inspired by you and your lifestyle...

Tlan Smith (via Amazon)

This book has it all, very well laid out, well written with beautiful colored photographs. Great recipes that are simple to make. I’m so glad I bought the book and just love it!.

Christie Camden (via Amazon)

Loved the practical info in this book. I feel so much healthier following all the recipes and particularly loved the overall enthusiasm of the author, who is a great example of living raw plant-based. If I had to be picky, the colours are a little overwhelming but I guess that's down to the publisher.

Clive (via Amazon)


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