How We Got Rid of Toxic Mold, Our Remediation Story, & Natural Tips to Reduce Symptoms

How We Got Rid of Toxic Mold, Our Remediation Story, & Natural Tips to Reduce Symptoms

Hi Everyone! Kristina here, and today, I’m going to be talking about my experience with toxic MOLD exposure. I’ll be discussing how I have handled our remediation up to this point in time, and I will be sharing the steps I took (and am still taking) to ensure the integrity of my health as well as Cash’s and Koko’s wellbeing. 

Mold is a serious thing, and many people become very sick when exposed to mold or when breathing mold spores. It takes some people years to recover from the detrimental health effects of mold, and some have even lost their lives because of it. Mold can release mycotoxins. These dangerous toxins suffocate your cells and hurt your mitochondria. They can damage your immune system and generate chronic fatigue and inflammation. In my opinion, it’s not something to be addressed lightly. Anything that has the ability to compromise our health I believe to be a serious topic. The effects are detening and life altering to your immune system, and it’s an important topic worth discussing. 

As many of you know, because I have talked about it in previous YouTube videos, Cash and I moved into a home in Hawaii that had a 5 feet of mold covering the wall in the laundry room, and we were forced to quarantine in the house for two weeks at the time because we had just moved to the island. Needless to say having mold in your home or even just being exposed to mold can be a very scary thing. You worry about how your body will handle the toxins, you worry about the long term effects, and you worry for your loved ones who are being exposed to it as well. 

We’ve really come a long way in our journey since last July. I’ve touched on a few basic things we did to handle our mold situation in a previous video, but I want to go more in-depth in this video. So many of you have messaged me since then and asked WHAT WE DID and HOW WE HANDLED IT. Cash and I understand that there are people in our community who are struggling with more severe symptoms or situations than what Cash and I have experienced. We tackled things early and head-on, and I’m grateful to have had good results and to be very lucky in this sense. The steps we took might really help some of you, so I genuinely want to help those that need this information or who are looking for it. I realize this video might not be for everyone, but I still consider this to be an important conversation because you just never know what you might encounter in the future. 

Let’s start from the beginning.

Hawaii is a magical place. It is beautiful and mystical. It’s absolutely wonderful to live here, and Cash and I are so at peace here. That being said, we are living on a tropical island, and there’s a LOT that comes along with that responsibility. This climate is highly susceptible to mold, termites, constant humidity, scary insects, etc. I feel like people see the highlights reel on Instagram of life’s moments, but realities like this aren’t often discussed. I was also bitten by a brown recluse spider back in November while I was sleeping...I’ve already made a video about that.

As for Hawaii or for many tropical islands in regards to’s not IF but when for many. Most people have mold in their homes but don’t realize it. If you think you might have mold in your home, I would first and foremost definitely recommend having a mold or even moisture test done in your home. Be proactive about this. Most people don’t realize they have toxic mold exposure until it’s too late. 

When we moved to Hawaii last year, we moved into the fixer upper property in which we currently reside. We had an inspection completed before we flew to the islands and officially moved into the house. We checked off all the proper boxes because we knew that when we arrived, we were going to be quarantining for two weeks in a new place.

Our first days in the house we realized some bizarre occurrences in the washer and dryer room. The washer kept leaking water out all over the floor, there were all kinds of leaks, and there was this awful awful musty smell. We were trying to figure out where this smell was coming from, so we moved the washer and dryer, and when we did, we saw that there was a large 5 foot wall area covered in black and grey mold. Keep in mind, that’s just what we could SEE. We noticed that it was going under the wall and was most likely on the backside of the sheetrock as well. Once we realized how bad it was...once we saw it with our own eyes...we became fearful. We did NOT want to be quarantining in the house when mold was clearly present. 

We then jumped into proactive gear and did everything we could to protect our health and keep the mold from spreading. We consulted with professionals on the phone and scheduled an appointment for remediation as soon as our quarantine would be over. It was so bad that even our inspection company refunded us our money. It was a big ordeal for us because you shouldn’t be able to rent or even purchase a house that has mold in it. And if they see it, they HAVE to report that to you. 

We had to figure out what we could do while still quarantining to save our health. Also, at that point, we weren’t really sure how long it would take to remediate the mold or for us to even recover. We had so many things going on, and we were taking things step by step and using all of the knowledge we had to protect ourselves.

We took several steps to help us handle mold exposure. I am only sharing with you exactly what we did and what products or supplements we took. I’m genuinely sharing these resources with you from the heart in hopes that it will help some of you. If some of these things we took or did or suggestions don’t align with you, no problem.

  • The first thing we immediately did was take Activated Charcoal. At first I took what I had on hand, but then I specifically ordered a Bioactive Carbon Charcoal from Microbe that is specifically designed to help people recover from heavy mold exposure, and Cash and I took several doses of that daily. It literally absorbs the mold spores and eliminates them from your body. Many people have been asking me what type of charcoal I consume, and I think this is important to share with you because quality of product is everything. I started taking the BioActive Carbon from Microbe not only because it’s vegan and cruelty-free, but also because it's impeccable quality. Microbe formulas is a lab that was formed by four scientists and doctors who created natural and plant-medicine kits to help people recover from toxic mold exposure, heavy metals, and also pesticides. Their plant remedies or cleanses are specifically designed for people suffering with these specific problems, and they are amazing. I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again...if you’re not using a filter, your body becomes the filter. Activated Charcoal or BioActive Carbon via Microbe acts as an absorbent or filter so that your body can get rid of these pathogens. I’ve linked the BioActive Carbon from Microbe below as well as their mold protection supplement kit that has very simple and plant-powerful ingredients like vidanga, neem, amla, clove, holarrena, broccoli sprouts, yucca root, parsley, beet root, milk thistle, marshmallow root, and a complete range of absorbable polyelectrolyte and polysaccharide fulvic acids. Microbe formula plant formulas are also said to remove glyphosate from the body, and for those who don’t know glyphosate is one of the most toxic pesticides that is found on non-organic foods and causes a wide range of health issues. Cash and I have both taken Microbe’s plant remedies, and we love them. Taking these remedies definitely gave us peace of mind that we were doing something to combat the mold spores we were inhaling and protect our immune systems however we could. We both highly recommend them. I’ve linked their BioActive Carbon here as well as their mold kit, heavy metals kit, and more.
  • The second thing we did was we sprayed Hydrogen Peroxide on the area as a temporary solution to keep it from spreading. We didn’t touch it. We didn’t clean it. We closed off the room the best we could and even tried to seal the bottom creaks of the doors with towels so air wouldn’t seep out. We were consulting with experts and remediation specialists while we were in quarantine and also getting support from our friends on the island who were able to provide us with more natural solutions and advice as well. I had never personally dealt with a situation like this, so it was very stressful at the time.
  • The third thing we did was diffuse Tea Tree Oil in the room constantly and all through the house. Tea Tree oil is said to be a natural antifungal and antibacterial solution, so we did what we thought we could to help keep our air clean as possible at the time.
  • We were drinking HEAVY loads of super rich green juice on the daily as well as continuing to take our Sunwarrior supplements. I know I’ve spoken on this several times, but we kept our commitment to our lifestyle as we always do, and we definitely increased our intake of greens, vitamins, and minerals at the time to ensure we were staying as healthy as we possibly could.
  • As you can imagine, two weeks of quarantine in a house with mold felt like a long time, and even afterwards as well because it took time for us to get the room remediated and for us to recover in general. We were taking care of bodies by consuming the right plant-remedies and by taking the right supplements, but I also was REALLY worried about our air-quality. Our home doesn’t have an AC or a heater, and the windows were already open most of the time, but’s Hawaii and it’s HUMID all the time. Anyone who lives in a wet or tropical climate will tell you that there are 2 things you pretty much need in your home: air dehumidifier and an air purifier. At the time, I purchased 2 Air Doctors, and they were a LIFESAVER. Now, we have three air doctors in our home because they’ve helped us so much. We have one in our bedroom by our bed. We always leave it running at night. We have another one in the living room, and also a tiny portable one that we move in between the laundry room and bathrooms. The Air Doctor immediately removed that gross musty smell from our home. Immediately. It removed 99.9% of all toxic mold spores in the air along with all other potential allergens, smoke fumes, airborne baterias, viruses, smells, animal hairs, chemicals, and more. I posted this on my Instagram stories and many of you saw it was super embarrassing, I accidentally set our groceries on the stove one night and set the box on fire by accident. I basically set our groceries on fire. Luckily, it ended up just being a lot of smoke, but the Air Doctor cleared all the fumes in twenty minutes. These machines are crazy. I actually reached out to the Air Doctor team to tell them thank you because their machines helped us so much during this time. Having the Air Doctors in combination with everything else we were doing was a game changer for us. My intention is to only provide solutions to you or help in some way. This isn’t sponsored by the way, I’m just genuinely sharing with you what helped us sleep soundly at night. If you live with someone who smokes, if you’ve been exposed to wildfires, or toxic fumes...get one of these for your home. It is so important that the air you breathe be clean because if you’re not using a filter, then your body becomes the filter. If your body becomes the filter, that’s when you start seeing some serious health problems. There is a 50% off discount link for those interested in the Air Doctor here. That’s literally $300 off their machine. I hope this helps those who need it. Go check it out.
  • As soon as our quarantine was over, we had a professional team of remediators come and basically take out the walls, clean the entire room from top to bottom, and taped and sealed it off so that no one could get in or out. They completely removed the mold and even did testing all around our house so that we could make sure it was contained and so that we had peace of mind. Their last step was leaving a giant commercial grade dehumidifier in the sealed room for 72 hours to completely suck out any moisture from the walls that could potentially create more mold. I want to reiterate here that this process took time. To some degree our laundry room felt like a haunted space or was the scary room we had in the house but couldn’t enter into. We kept it taped off for a good period of time, and it took weeks to fix completely. 
  • Needless to say we DID feel super exhausted and tired after having dealt with all of this, so we SLEPT A LOT. SLEEPING TO HEAL was a huge factor in all of this for us. 

Just because we had the mold officially removed and we acted quickly on all of these things didn’t mean we were 100% done with the situation. We are still now to this day implementing many of these rituals that I’m sharing with you in this video into our daily routines. We feel as though we have bounced back amazingly well, we feel healthy and strong, and we are happy to share this information with you. Some people are not this lucky. We have been introduced to several people who have had to actually MOVE out of their homes because of the bad mold situations they encountered. My heart goes out to anyone who has had a horrible mold experience and who is still recovering.

For those who need it, I hope this information will help you as much as possible. I welcome comments below with testimonials on how you recovered from mold exposure. 

The links for Microbe Formulas and more are here for you. Please check them out, and if you’re dealing with mold exposure, please don’t hesitate to act quickly on these things. 

I hope this blog post is able to help or reach those who need it. 

Many blessings to you and much healing! 






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