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How to Batch Juice and Save Money - Best Tips for Freshness, Less Oxidation, and Time Management

How to Batch Juice and Save Money - Best Tips for Freshness, Less Oxidation, and Time Management

If you’re into juicing and want to do it often but just don’t have the time, here is a guide to help you juice in bulk!

The definition of batch or bulk juicing is to juice a lot of produce at one time for one or multiple uses. It is useful or essential for many reasons!

  •  For those who want to have lots of juice to drink at one time
  • For those doing a juice cleanse
  • For those who want lots prepared in advance to have juices to drink at any time all week
  • For those who enjoy meal prep

In order to batch or bulk juice, it’s necessary to have a machine that can do it. I recommend slow, cold-pressed machines that can handle batch juicing and that won’t get overheated. Most centrifugal juicers or other horizontal juicers are only designed to juice 32-64 ounces of juice at a time. If you try to batch juice with these machines, they might burn out on you or just go much more slowly. It will save you time to have a vertical machine that is designed to juice larger quantities. 

I recommend the Nama J2 juicer for the following reasons:

  •  It saves you time and preparation
  • The machine is built for batch juicing
  • You don’t have to chop things as small because it has a wide opening
  • Revolutionary technology
  • Automatic stop and start so you can let it run and keep chopping or multitask around the kitchen while it’s making juice for you
  • Less oxidation so your juices preserve naturally and will stay fresher for a longer period of time without adding any preservatives. 
  • The technology allows you to step away so fresh juice is already prepared for you, ready to enjoy when you come back.

If you’d like to reference my past juicer comparison videos you can see the difference between horizontal, centrifugal, and slow cold-pressed juicers (linked below)




Why is batch juicing useful? It’s good for family-style meals or family prep, people on the go, and people who don’t want to clean their juicer on a daily basis!

Fresh is always best, but there are benefits to batch juicing to make sure you always have a juice to drink, and this is better than settling for other undesirable options!

Juicing and cleaning your juicer once or twice a week is a time saver compared to juicing once and having to clean your juicer every day. I personally don’t enjoy cleaning my juicer, so if I can make a week’s worth of juice and only clean my juicer once a week, I’m down!

How to make your juices last longer:

  • Get some glass mason jars or sealed tight containers (I would avoid plastic) to properly seal out any air. Air in the container will make your juices oxidize faster. 
  • Adding lime or lemon helps to preserve your juices.
  • Pineapple is also a great preservative, I’ve found. The pineapple juice I recently made lasts for a week with the J2. Pineapple juice lasts longer on its own, and I find it tastes like the sweetest nectar.
  • Storage or vacuum seal jars (pour to the top of the jar and tighten)

More tips for batch juicing:

  • Zero waste tip: at the end of every week juice everything that’s leftover so that there’s no waste
  • Have fun making different combinations and keep it simple.
    • The more simple the juice, the easier it becomes to batch juice in large quantities. I’ve found 1-3 ingredients last longer than 5-12 ingredients.
  • Money-Saving Tip: Make sure to have one bulk item that is abundant.
    • Buy your fruits and veggies in bulk from the grocery stores or farmer’s markets to get case bulk discounts.
    • Grow your own food! Easily and quickly learn what it is to harvest abundance
    • Juicing water-rich items like cucumbers, watermelons, pineapple, or apples is easy, hydrating, and cost-effective. You can juice a lot for less money. Some fruits or veggies are usually available in larger quantities for discounted prices.
  • Time-saving tip: easier for meal prep to batch at the beginning and have one jar for a day. 
    • Breakfast is made the entire day for 3-5 days…possibly a few more.
  • Time-saving tip: have all your prep done ahead of time so you can just load the ingredients into the hopper and walk away.
  • 3 easy bulk recipes you can try:
    • Apple, Cabbage, Lime, Beet
    • Pineapple, Strawberry, Apple, Lime
    • Cucumber, Celery, Greens, Lime
  • Straining preference - you can choose to leave any stray fibers in the juice, or use a nut milk bag or strainer to get any that managed to slip through. This is great if you love a really SMOOTH juice, like me!






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