Best Juicing Guide for Beginners!
44 Pro Tips to Save You Time, Money, and Effort!

Best Juicing Guide for Beginners!
44 Pro Tips to Save You Time, Money, and Effort!

I am so happy to share with you my best juicing tips for beginners as well as advanced juicers! These are pro tips that anyone and everyone who loves juicing can use! So many of us love juicing and want to have applicable tools to make it more affordable, time efficient, and effortless for us to be able to enjoy the benefits of juicing on a daily basis. Juicing should be something you love not hate, but something you look forward to everyday.

I’ve created a video for you as well as this list of tips that you can come back to and reference at any time. I hope that you enjoy it and bookmark it for whenever you need it. If you’re interested in learning more about juicing, you can always join my 5-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge that includes daily videos, a recipe ebook, a complete shopping list, and more already created for you.



If you’re looking for the BEST juicer or to get a new juicer, I highly recommend the Nama juicer. I’ve been using it for nearly two years, and it’s by far my favorite. I’ve done several comparison videos with this juicer to other juicers on the market, and this one has won hands down every time in yield, quality, taste, pulp, ease, noise, and more.

Here are my 44 Pro Juicing Tips:

  • MAKE JUICING FUN: So many people think of juicing as something that is too time-consuming or daunting. Do your best to make juicing fun! Change your perception of juicing, and make it the best part of your day! It’s exciting to be healthy and to take care of your body. Not to mention, it’s fun to enjoy all the delicious flavors and colors of all the juices you create! Juicing is fun because it will help you feel your best and hopefully help you to get into the best shape of your life.
  • CREATE A MOTIVATING JUICING ATMOSPHERE: Create a safe and playful space in your home that is specifically meant for juicing. When you create the space to do something, you’re more motivated to be in that space and to make magic happen there.
  • LISTEN TO MUSIC: I love to listen to music while I’m juicing! Turn up the music and dance while you’re juicing! This is a great way to have fun while using this time. Invite your loved ones to come dance and juice in the kitchen with you to make it even more fun!
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR TIME: If you don’t make time to juice, you won’t have the time to juice. If juicing is your goal, then make the time. Set apart time in your schedule on a daily or weekly basis to make it happen. Don’t wait until the last minute to make this happen. Plan ahead to eliminate stress. Commit!
  • SET ASIDE 30 MINUTES FOR JUICING: People are always asking me, “How long will this take me?” It usually takes me 15 minutes to make my juice and clean my juicer. However, if you’re new to this, set aside an extra 15 minutes to select, wash, and prep your ingredients. The more you juice, the more efficient you will become at doing it. Be sure to always keep your home stocked with fruits and veggies that you can juice!
  • BULK JUICE IN THE MORNING TO SAVE TIME: Juicing multiple jars once a day and cleaning your juicer once a day is much more efficient than juicing multiple times a day and having to clean your juicer multiple times. However much juice you want that day, make enough to get you through the day.
  • SEAL YOUR JUICES IN AN AIR-TIGHT CONTAINER TO HELP THEM LAST LONGER: If you’re not drinking your juices immediately after you’ve made them, then you need to be storing them properly. Most juices will completely oxidize within 24-48 hours depending on what type of juicer you have. With a Nama juicer, you will see very little oxidation or color change. Keep your color, taste, and nutrients intact by storing your juices with care.
  • WHEN STORED PROPERLY, YOUR JUICES WILL LAST 24-48 HOURS IN THE FRIDGE: If you want to bulk juice in the morning, know that you can make enough juice to last you for two days. 
  • START SIMPLE: I’ve been juicing for 15 years, and I’ve learned how to combine certain fruits and veggies flavors so that the juices turn out tasting delicious. If you’re new to juicing, it can take a little time to create recipes that you love. Be patient with yourself and start simple! Start by juicing one ingredient at a time and get to know your flavors.
  • START BY JUICING ONE INGREDIENT AT A TIME: Get to know your flavors! Enjoy the REAL taste of the juice, not a pasteurized juice from the store. See what it tastes like to drink real apple juice, orange juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, celery juice, cucumber juice, pineapple juice, etc. There are so many individual ingredients you can juice that will taste amazing! Simple is best.
  • THE MORE YOU JUICE, THE MORE YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL CHANGE: What you don’t like now, you might love in the future. When I first started eating FullyRaw, I was still addicted to certain processed foods or sugars, and these chemically-enhanced foods ruined my palette. I couldn’t really appreciate the taste of fruits or veggies because I hadn’t developed a palette for them yet. Over time, however, as I began to consume only fruits and veggies, my taste buds changed. It’s a pleasure and a mouth-watering experience to eat truly fresh organic produce, and I enjoy it so much!
  • THE MORE YOU JUICE, THE MORE YOUR BODY WILL CRAVE JUICE: Your body will FEEL the difference when you begin to take proper care of it. You might not like the taste of green juice now, but eventually, you’ll find a combination you love, and you will want to drink it all the time.
  • IF YOU’RE NEW TO JUICING, ONLY COMBINE 3-4 INGREDIENTS AT A TIME: This will help to ensure you’re always making a juice that will taste good.
  • DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT: Don’t be afraid to mix apples with oranges if that’s what you want to do. Start with a few slices to see if it tastes ok and work your way up. Don’t be afraid of making a “bad” combination. Start simple and have fun!
  • LOOK TO MY FULLYRAW APP FOR TONS OF JUICING RECIPES: My FullyRaw vegan recipe app has more than 450+ recipes total, and so many of those are juice recipes! You can download my app on iTunes here and on Google play here.
  • JUICE WHAT YOU LIKE TO EAT: If you don’t like to eat kale, don’t juice it. Juice what you like to eat to help make the experience more pleasurable for you! No one will force you to drink what you don’t want to drink. Drink what you love.
  • LEARN TO SUBSTITUTE INGREDIENTS: Learn how to swap out ingredients that you don’t like with the ones that you do. If you can’t have celery, then use cucumber. If you can’t do pineapple, then use apple. Starting learning what substitutes work best for you.
  • THE MORE INGREDIENTS YOU ADD, THE MORE MUDDLED THE TASTE BECOMES: Oftentimes, people think that adding more ingredients means that they will be consuming “more” nutrients or “more” flavor. When it comes to taste, it’s actually the opposite. The more ingredients you add to your juice, the more it begins to taste like a kitchen sink recipe. Don’t overdo it. Start simple and work your way up.
  • TOO MANY INGREDIENTS MIGHT MAKE THE JUICE TASTE WORSE: If you create a combination of juice that you don’t like, please don’t keep adding in more ingredients. It will only make the juice taste worse.
  • AGAIN: SIMPLE IS BEST AT THE BEGINNING: There’s no shame in starting small and learning how to combine ingredients so that you LOVE your juices. I know for me as an advanced juicer of 15 years, I personally love simplified juices! It doesn’t make you look any less advanced to enjoy simple recipes.
  • DRINK THE RAINBOW: Enjoy drinking all of the colors you possibly can! 
  • TRY TO CREATE AS MANY COLORS AS YOU CAN: There are so many different nutrients within different fruits and vegetables. It’s important to get variety, and having fun drinking different colors makes it fun!
  • REFERENCE MY ONLINE PROGRAMS OR YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR MORE RECIPES OR...Download my FREE e-Book called The Beginner’s Guide to Juicing that shares a list of my top 15 favorite items to juice as well as my least favorite 10 items to juice.
  • WORK TO RE-ESTABLISH YOUR CONNECTION WITH FOOD: One of the best parts about starting your journey to health is that you get to reestablish your connection with food. There is something so special that happens when you consume fresh foods that come from the earth. It grounds you and will also hopefully give you the confidence you need to move past self-sabotaging habits.
  • WAKE UP TO WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING IN YOUR BODY: It’s time to stop eating processed foods and time to start paying attention to what you are putting into your body. A new level of consciousness will be required of you in order to change your life. Feed your body with unhealthy foods, and you won’t feel good. Feed your body with vibrant and healthy foods, and you will glow from the inside out.
  • ALWAYS PEEL YOUR CITRUS BEFORE JUICING: If you leave the peel on while juicing, the natural essential oil in the peel is so strong that the taste will overpower your juice. Always peel your citrus before juicing.
  • ADD HERBS, SPICES, & PEPPERS FOR MORE FLAVOR: I recommend small or balanced amounts of garlic, jalapeño, turmeric, ginger, cilantro, thyme, oregano, parsley, etc.
  • WHEN TESTING, START SMALL THEN CONTINUE ADDING: When juicing more flavorful items, always start by adding in a small amount, test, then add more if needed. Once you add too much of something, it’s difficult to balance it out. It’s kind of like adding too much salt into a recipe. Once you over-do the salt, you can’t go back. Start small when adding in stronger ingredients and continue adding from there.
  • ADD HERBS, PEPPERS, AND ROOT VEGETABLES INTO YOUR JUICER FIRST: Always add in your items with the least low water content (or most concentrated first) and then always finish with your foods that are highest in water content.
  • JUICE YOUR LOWEST WATER CONTENT FOODS FIRST: Always place the most concentrated items in the juicer first and wash them down with more high-water content foods (like cucumbers or oranges or apples). This ensures all the good nutrients are washed down and get into your juice! 
  • IF YOU MAKE TOO MUCH JUICE, FREEZE THE JUICE AND MAKE ICE CUBES: I always like to make extra juice just in case I might need it, however, I know many people worry about what to do with leftover juice. A fun and creative way to use it is to freeze it into ice cubes and add them into your water later.
  • FREEZE EXTRA JUICE IN A ZIPLOC BAG: If you have extra juice that you want to save, you can always put it in a sealed-tight Ziploc bag and freeze it for later as well.
  • USE THE DIRTY-DOZEN WHEN PURCHASING NON-ORGANIC PRODUCE: There’s a list that’s released every year that shares the top 12 most contaminated items that are non-organic. Don’t purchase or juice these items.
  • ALWAYS GET YOUR GREENS ORGANIC: I always purchase organic greens, especially when juicing. Greens will absorb anything that is sprayed on them or even if it grows up into its leaves from the soil. Organic greens are also more nutrient-dense. It’s very important to always make sure your greens are organic and local if possible.
  • TO CONSUME MORE CALORIES, DRINK MORE JUICE OR JUICE SWEETER ITEMS: It’s important, especially if you’re on a juice cleanse or feast, that you’re drinking enough juice. If you’re tired...drink more juice! More juice = more calories. The sweeter the fruits you use, the more calories dense your juice will be.
  • A MONEY-SAVING TIP IS TO BUY LOCAL AND BUY IN BULK: When you buy by the case, you can usually get a case discount. Also, when you purchase bulk amounts from local farmers, they are usually willing to barter with you or discount their produce. It also helps to support them as well!
  • ALWAYS START WITH A HALF OF A BEET: Beets are very strong! They are known to be a natural laxative, and when consumed in abundance can make you go to the restroom a LOT or in some cases even throw up. Always start small when it comes to beets.
  • STRAIN YOUR JUICES: If you like for your juices to be extra smooth with no bits or pieces in them, then simply strain your juice in a sieve before you pour it into your final jar from which you’ll be drinking.
  • CLEAN YOUR JUICER IMMEDIATELY: After juicing, clean your juicer immediately. It will save you so much time! If you wait until all the juice pulp dries onto your juicer, it will take you twice as long to clean later. 
  • ADD LEMON OR LIME TO HELP YOUR JUICES LAST LONGER: The citric acid from lemons or limes will help to extend the life of your juice by an extra day or so depending on the combination you’ve created.
  • ALWAYS CUT YOUR CELERY INTO SMALL INCH PIECES: The smaller you cut your celery, the more you help your juicer out. Celery hairs are tough, and they can clog your juicer easily. The smaller you cut your celery, the more you help your juicer out to do its best job for you.
  • USE YOUR BLENDER HEAD OR A PITCHER FOR STRAINING TO AVOID SPILLAGE: When straining your juice, you can use a bowl or a pitcher of some kind. I recommend using something that you can pour directly from like a blender head or pitcher to avoid spilling.
  • DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR JUICE PULP: There are so many good and yummy raw vegan recipes you can make with juice pulp! You can make raw vegan crackers, cheeses, bread, desserts, and more. 
  • RECIPES: Get these juicing recipes and also recipes that use the pulp in my app on iTunes or Google Play or even in my Holiday ebook!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 44 PRO TIPS that will help you with juicing! If you’re looking for a new juicer, I highly recommend the NAMA JUICER.


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