3 Ways to Go Dairy-Free
Healthy Recipes & Tips from a 15-Year Vegan

3 Ways to Go Dairy-Free
Healthy Recipes & Tips from a 15-Year Vegan

Today I am going to be sharing with you three easy ways to go dairy-free. Not only will I be sharing with you three things you can do to easily remove or eliminate dairy from your diet, but also I will show you how to make your own plant-based milks, creamy cheeses, ice creams, and even thick or savory sauces as replacement ideas. These delicious, nutritious, and healthy, mucus-free recipes will become a quick staple in your home.

I haven’t consumed dairy in over 15 years, so please trust me when I say, I’ve got you covered. Giving up dairy doesn’t have to be dreadful. I’ve actually discovered replacements and recipes that taste even better than what I was consuming before, and I feel much better physically too. I hope my tips and recipes I’ll be sharing with you in this video will be helpful to you.

To make eliminating dairy from your diet a seamless and enjoyable transition, you need to find good alternatives, replacements, or recipes for…


Let’s get started…

1) When giving up dairy the first thing you need to do is find a MILK replacement or alternative. Most people tend to flock to the nut milk aisle of the grocery store and look for almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, or oat milk. Those are the most common ones at the moment. I urge you to really look at the labels and make sure you’re buying a plant-based milk with the most simple of ingredients. Try to avoid buying anything with natural flavoring, added sugars, coloring, or even rice. All of those extra ingredients aren’t necessary in a plant-based milk, and won’t make you feel good. Rice milks tend to be higher in arsenic, which can be harmful to your body. I DO think it’s always good to find ONE store bought nut milk that you really like to have on hand, but what I prefer to do is make my own nut milks at home. It’s so easy, much more convenient, fresh, and I find that I can get more of a variety by using different nuts or seeds. In my opinion, fresh nut milk tastes SO much better than anything you’ll buy in the stores. Want to know my secret to making the perfect nut milk?? I’m about to share it with you…

  • You can use a blender or a juicer like mine to make a simple nut milk. I will be using my Nama juicer today to make this nut milk, and it will take me less than 5 minutes. The reason why I love to use my Nama juicer to make my nut milks is because it’s a clean, streamlined process. I’m not a fan of using messy nut-milk bags that you have to squeeze. It’s too messy for me and challenging to clean. With the Nama, you simply add in your nut or seed of choice and for every one cup of nuts or seeds that you put through the juicer, you follow it with 2-3 cups of COCONUT WATER. Yup, that’s my secret. I use fresh coconut water instead of regular water to make my nut milks, and it comes out THAT much sweeter, and I don’t need to add or do anything else to the plant-based milk. You can see in the video that I made in this blog post, that I used fresh macadamia nuts and cashews in this recipe. It does a body good! If you don’t have a Nama juicer, you can blend your nuts or seeds with a blender and then pour the mixture over a strainer or sieve to get your milk. I also love using a Nama to make nut milks because I get a really dry nut pulp after juicing up the milk, and I use this pulp to make my own vegan cheeses. It’s a zero-waste kitchen trick. If you’re looking for a new juicer or interested in getting a Nama juicer discount, there is a special link and code here for you. This machine makes more than juices and nut milks, it can make smoothies and sorbets too!
  • Speaking of sorbets, that leads me to my next point. You have to find a GO-TO Ice Cream alternative that doesn’t use dairy. Cash really likes SO DELICIOUS AND NADAMOO, which are two vegan but not raw brands you can find in most stores now-a-days. But you know what I’m about to say...I like to make my own ice creams at home. For those who want an easy ice cream replacement…you can make your own nice cream smoothie bowls, sorbets, or banana ice creams in a blender or in your Nama juicer as well. I have tons of nice cream recipes on my YouTube channel for you to search. I’ve linked some of my favorite videos below for you. In the video attached to this blog post, I show you how to run some frozen bananas with frozen dragon fruit and frozen cherries through the juicer using the sorbet strainer, which gives you your own healthy ice cream using only the simplest of ingredients. Now THIS is to LIVE for. YUM! Again, for those looking to get a Nama juicer, I’ve included a special discount link here for you. Definitely check it out.

2) Next up, we gotta get CHEESY. It’s all about that CHEESE. What’s so interesting to me is I often find that one of the last food items that people find it hard to give up before going completely plant-based is CHEESE. But don’t worry, I have a raw vegan cream cheese spread and dip that will blow your mind. I also have a raw vegan fermented and dehydrated cheese that looks exactly like block cheese in my holiday e-book guide for those interested in something a little more firm, but in the video I’ve shared with this blog post...we are making cream cheese. I’ll start by taking the leftover pulp from my nut milk, and I’ll blend it with extra sunflower seeds or cashews, lemon juice, ½ cup of water, and a pinch of pink salt. Once it’s fully blended and creamy, I’ll put it into a mixing bowl and then fold in finely diced or chopped basil, thyme, red onion, green onion, and jalapeno. I’ll garnish it with a little bit of extra herbs on top and sprinkle on some paprika or cumin. This is HEAVEN. I have two versions of this cheese recipe in my FullyRaw app for you, and the links to download my app on itunes and google play are both listed here for you as well. My app is now free to download, and once you download it, you get to choose between a monthly and yearly subscription plan. The yearly plan gives you access to everything. Say CHEESE!

3) One of the last key things you’ll need to help make your dairy-free transition a little easier is a good selection of sauces or dressings that you REALLY love and that you can put on anything. That being said, it’s SO easy now-a-days to find vegan dressings in the stores. Even when you go out to eat at a restaurant, they have more vegan options than they have EVER had before. All you have to do is ask and figure out what you like best. Let those become your staples. Maybe some of you can list your favorites below. I always find that people tend to use dairy in their pasta sauces, or they like creamy pasta sauces, so I’m about to show you how I LOVE to make one of my favorite and simple creamy fettuccine sauces. This sauce is so versatile, you can also use it as a dip or even thick salad dressing. If you want, you can use your left-over nut milk pulp to make this sauce as well. I’m using a Vitamix blender, and I’ll add in, 2 tablespoons of raw macadamia nuts, a few cashews, a tablespoon of hemp seeds, the juice of one lemon or lime, a pinch of pink himalayan salt, and 1-2 cups of water. I blend this until it becomes completely smooth and creamy and reaches the consistency I desire. Pour this over your noodles of choice. I like to pour this over kelp noodles. You can also try zucchini or cucumber noodles. This exact fettuccine recipe is also in my app for you, and it’s linked below in the description.

The transition to living a dairy-free lifestyle takes a little bit of time and practice. It takes some effort at first to read labels, learn new recipes, and even make special requests when you go out to eat….but it’s worth it. Not only will your body thank you, but also the animals who are exploited and harmed by the dairy industry will thank you too.

So today, I have shared with you how to make your own nut milks and ice creams, I’ve given you a fun cream cheese recipe, and I’ve also shared with you a yummy fettuccine sauce that you can pretty much use on everything if you want.

I hope that you have found this blog post to be helpful, and I hope it helps to give you some tools or solutions on your journey to eliminating dairy from your diet.





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