Healthy Holiday Reset - How to Get Rid of Bloating 5 Wholesome Tips

Healthy Holiday Reset - How to Get Rid of Bloating 5 Wholesome Tips

Two popular topics of concern that people ask me about are how to beat cravings and belly bloating, especially during the holidays. With the holiday season upon us, I have so many people messaging me to ask how to eliminate bloating and how to get back on track after over-indulging in foods and habits they wouldn’t normally eat or participate in. I want to help you get back on track so that you feel confident in your body and look awesome!

We have all had cravings and belly bloating at one point or another, and sometimes they can be challenging to overcome. You are what you eat. Your body is a temple, and you should treat it well with healthy foods. When you treat your body right, it will treat you right.

I know that many people tend to LET LOOSE on the holidays and throw all of their rules out the window. That’s a personal preference. That’s a choice. Regardless, there are always ways to bring yourself BACK to BALANCE, so I want to focus on those positive things today to help you move forward.

Let’s touch for a moment on cravings. What is a craving? What is real hunger? How does one beat a craving? What causes the belly to bloat?

A craving is a sensation for food. Is a desire to chew, eat, masticate, or a need to fill some type of a void. Cravings can be physical or they can be emotional. Most cravings aren't real, meaning you don’t actually NEED this food to survive or even thrive. Most emotional cravings only last about 10 minutes. I've heard before that cravings are merely a detox, or even a release.

Sadly, in our society, many foods are addictive, and individuals have a hard time knowing when to say no, or simply when to enjoy in moderation. Things like breads, pastas, oils, fats, meat, and dairy - those can be addictive and empty-calorie foods. They are high in calories, low in water content, and are relatively low in nutrients compared to fresh fruits and vegetables. When you eat empty-calorie foods, your body naturally wants to eat more of them because it’s not getting what it needs from these foods. They are also usually covered in spices or preservatives which create an enhanced flavor, making you want to eat more than what you need. When you create new healthy habits for yourself and get away from eating unhealthy foods, you stop craving them. Why? Because your body cannot crave something that it doesn't have in it. Once you start eating more fully raw foods, you will crave less "bad" foods and start to desire GOOD foods like fruits and veggies! Let the cravings PASS.

Here are a few ways to help you deal with cravings that will also eliminate belly bloating!

1) Eat one fruit meal a day (or mono-meal on fruits for at least one meal a day.)  

Better yet, replace one meal a day with a meal of fruit, or a bowl of fruits or veggies. Satisfy your need for carbohydrates by eating one-ingredient meals that are hydrating, nourishing, and cleansing! When you are satisfied, you won't crave anything else. I know it may feel like you're eating a LOT when you first start eating meals of fruit or even going raw vegan, but keep in mind these foods are high in water content but lower in calories. This is an abundant lifestyle, without deprivation. I want to be very clear that I am telling you to EAT MORE RAW FOODS! Do not deprive or limit your intake with fruits and vegetables when you have a craving. I’d rather you eat a bowl of raw fruits and veggies than a bowl of something else. You simply need to eat the RIGHT foods for you! Wouldn’t you rather eat raw food instead of stuffing yourself with junk food that you will regret later?

2) Drink one FRESH JUICE A DAY or enjoy ONE wholesome smoothie a day. Let 32-64 ounces be a meal replacement.

My days consist of: a juice every morning, a smoothie for lunch, and a rainbow salad for dinner. If you don’t have a juicer, get one. I’ve linked my favorite Nama juicer below, and they are having a special sale right now. You can use my code to get a discount, and thank me later. I love making fresh juices daily. It keeps me healthy, strong, satisfied, and nourished.

As for smoothies, it’s just SO easy to make a smoothie anytime you want. It can be as easy as incorporating 1-3 ingredients. My smoothies are usually 2 fruits with Sunwarrior’s protein and supergreens. I have a Vitamix blender that I use multiple times daily. They are also having a sale right now, and I will place a special link below that will allow you to take advantage of their special offer and get free shipping too. Please check it out!

3) Eliminate addictive foods that cause belly bloating!

What you add into your diet is just as important as what you eliminate. You cannot cleanse your body or get rid of bloating without removing the source of what is creating it, or why it’s present. Therefore, you must have some discipline and consistency when it comes to making better choices for yourself. It all comes down to HOW committed you ARE to your health, wellness, and self-care.

If you have a solid routine, it will be easier to get back on track if you’ve fallen off the wagon a little. If you don’t have a routine, it will be harder for you to instill these practices. So if you’re just beginning, please know that you’ll need to put in a little more effort initially to have the success that you want. Try finding alternatives for gluten, starches, fats, salts, artificial sweeteners, meat, dairy, and sodas or carbonated drinks. Replace these items with juicy fruits and vegetables such as: melons, apples, pears, oranges, grapes, cucumbers, mangoes, tomatoes, or leafy greens such as kale, romaine, spinach, arugula, or any veggies of your choice. Processed "foods" are all artificial or highly processed and very difficult for the body to digest, which creates gas in the digestive tract and causes that belly-bloat!

PRO-TIP to help combat cravings: THINK ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL AFTER YOU EAT JUNK FOOD. Thinking about eating something is different than acting upon it! When I first went raw, I would get cravings, and I would think about HOW those foods made me feel after eating them. It was an instant turn off for me.

4) Exercise:

Honor your commitment to yourself and be consistent with your exercise routine. Even if you fall off the wagon, your fitness routine can always help you bring things back into balance. Also, exercise takes away your appetite and distracts you. It gets you focused on a positive way to get lean and in-shape rather than sitting at home thinking about food. Get outside, get fresh air, and spend time in nature. It's very healing.

 5) Eat earlier!

Late night munching is dangerous if you aren't eating fully raw vegan foods. Late night eating catches up with you and it can too easily cause bloating and excess weight gain. Make it a goal to finish eating by 7 PM. When you eat earlier, you can spend the rest of your night relaxing and doing other things. This is a HUGE HUGE tip...don’t eat late!

Extra Tips:

Learn the true signs of hunger and BE STRONG! I know that when I’m hungry, I feel true hunger in the back of my throat, and my whole mouth starts to salivate. My body will let me know it needs fuel! My stomach will most likely be flat and empty. I leave about 5-7 hours between my meals, and I don't snack. I know when I am hungry, and I will then eat to my heart's content. I eat enough to get me to the next meal. Learn your true signs of hunger and be STRONG enough to respect and honor them!

Drink a LOT of water to stay hydrated. Be sure to always drink water 30 minutes before your meals. I recommend a BIG glass of at least 32 ounces when you first wake up. If you drink liquids during or after meals, this dilutes your digestive juices which equals less efficient digestion.

GO AND RELAX. Get a massage! When you are relaxed and more at peace, you are emotionally and physically in a better place. You won’t have that desire to nervously munch, plus your muscles won’t be as tense or bloated because you are relaxed.


I believe the mind and the body are connected - it’s just as important to focus on our physical well-being as it is to focus on our emotional well-being. The holidays can be a triggering time  for many of us. Many individuals find themselves not wanting to address these emotional issues that come up for them during the holiday season, so they end up stuffing themselves full with food or numbing themselves with it. Be aware of this. It creates an emotional attachment or co-dependency with food, and can turn into self-sabotage long-term if not addressed and healed.

Your body is a temple! Show it love by RESPECTING it and honoring it with GOOD FOOD. I have faith that you can, now you have to have that faith too! :)

If you are looking for more support on your journey, whether it be coaching or to join a community of like-minded individuals to be a part of, I’d like to invite you to join my Inner Circle coaching program and community. I host live Zoom calls twice a week. Once on Wednesdays and once on Sundays - it’s a safe space where you can join and ask questions and receive support. You also get access to all of my online programs and our private Facebook community. If you’d like to join us, I have included those links below for you, and I hope to see you there. 





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