The Self-Improvement Bundle! 9 DAYS ONLY!

The Self-Improvement Bundle! 9 DAYS ONLY!

I'm so excited to share with you I’ve teamed up with 75 powerhouse women small business owners and we are LAUNCHING the SELF-IMPROVEMENT BUNDLE for you. 75 online courses and programs for $75!!! It’s completely insane!!

This bundle of wellness and empowerment programs is worth more $13,000 sold separately, and you’re getting it for $75. That’s more than 99% off!


Last year at this time I did a vegan bundle for you, and this year, I wanted to give you something with more than just recipes. I wanted to share with you something that can level up your life in ALL areas. These e-courses include more than just teaching you how to go FullyRaw or vegan, but also how to improve your life on all levels, practice better self-care, go vegan, exercise, grow and scale your business online, how to manage your finances successfully, how to meditate and work on your mental health, how to align yourself and heal from past trauma, how to heal your relationship with food...there’s something in here for EVERYONE. It’s the perfect vegan lifestyle package deal.

My 21-Day FullyRaw Challenge is included in this bundle. Normally my challenge is $67 alone by itself, but you’re getting it in this bundle with 74 other programs basically for FREE. We are starting my challenge on February 7th this year as a group. There’s literally no reason for you not to jump on board and join my challenge this year or to get this bundle. I’m hoping we will have a huge group of people committing to go raw or vegan for 21-days. There will be 21-days of zoom calls, support, community, healthy eating, coaching, and fun. 

As if that weren’t enough of a DREAM DEAL to kick off this year, for those who use my specific link to get the bundle, I’ve decided to add on my own special BONUS GIVEAWAY…I’m giving away three NAMA JUICERS as a gift to those who sign-up for this bundle using my link. Everyone who gets the bundle using my specific link is AUTOMATICALLY entered in a draw to win my favorite juicer! Head to to get your bundle, join my challenge, and enter the giveaway!

When you use my link to sign-up for the Self-Improvement Bundle, you will get immediate download access to all 75 of our wellness and business-inspired programs and e-books for $75. This bundle offer lasts only for 7 days, so go click on the link in my bio to get access to all of this incredible content now. 

So what’s in the bundle?! 75 e-courses on going vegan, wellness, fitness, self-love, manifesting, self-confidence, managing stress,  

Some of the incredible humans you might have heard of ...

  • Mimi Bouchard
  • Alyssa Nobriga
  • Liv B
  • Live Free Warrior
  • Leanne Ward
  • SamanthaSkelly
  • Gala Darling 

The content contains everything from tons of recipes (both vegan and raw), weight-loss, fitness, business building, well-being, mindfulness, relationship, work, and even an e-course in self-love/confidence, and SO MUCH more. It's insaaaane! This bundle covers every topic you could ask for! You can learn anything and everything about not only a vegan lifestyle but one that involves self-care and success. It will change your life.  

Whether you want to go vegan, eat more plant-based foods, or simply incorporate some of these tips into your everyday routine, you'll have an abundance of information to help support you along the way!

75 e-courses for $75, access to my upcoming 21-day challenge, and an automatic entry in a giveaway for a Nama juicer! Go get it now:

I can’t wait for you to experience this AWESOME BUNDLE! Head to to get your bundle! I know you’re going to LOVE all of the incredible content here, and I hope that it empowers you to live your best life! See you all soon and sending you my hugs and my love!





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