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Spring Clean Your Body in 3 Steps!



Hey you guys, It’s Kristina and today I am going to share with you my TOP 3 ways to Spring Clean your body! Winter is OVER, and it’s time to SHED off those extra layers! Many people are always Spring cleaning their homes or their closets or their kitchens during this time of the year…but WHY NOT clean out the MOST important home that you live in… YOUR BODY?! If you don’t take care of your body….where will you live?!



How to Cleanse

There are many different ways to cleanse. This includes mentally, spiritually, and physically. Today, I am going to share with you the BEST FullyRaw ways to detox PHYSICALLY, and then I will share some extra tips on how you can also cleanse mentally and spiritually as well. The body and the mind are connected. For us to become our healthiest, highest selves, we must work on ALL of these beautiful essences of our beings. :)



So let’s jump in! Are you ready for some spring cleaning?!



Step 1

What is a mono-meal?! A mono-meal is where you pick one item, preferably your favorite fruit of choice, and you eat THAT one fruit for an entire meal. I am asking you to not only have this one fruit for 1 full meal, but for 3 full days!



So that’s technically at least 9 meals of this ONE fruit. I recommend bananas, watermelon, grapes, mango, papaya, peaches, or any other non-citrus tropical fruit. These high calorie fruits will keep you satisfied, energetic, and clean.



Eating mono-meals are beneficial for 3 reasons:



Reason 1: They are better for digestion! Eating 1 thing is WAY easier for your body to process than eating 20 different ingredients at a time.
Reason 2: It assists you with elimination! These high fiber fruits will CLEAN you out in a GOOD way. When your digestion is better, so is your elimination, and health begins in the colon! GET CLEAN and stop carrying around all that GUNK IN YOUR TRUNK!



Reason 3: Eating mono-meals is how we would eat in Nature. If you have ever been to a farm or picked off of a fruit tree, then you know you usually find 1-2 different fruits at a time, not necessarily a grocery store variety right in front of you. If you find a fruit tree and you’re hungry, you usually sit and pick and eat off of this tree until you are satisfied.



Mono-meals will help you clean out your system. Eating fruit for a meal with improve your digestion and elimination, and perhaps will help you drop a few pounds while still getting in the necessary fibers that you need to function. Enjoy!



Step 2

I recommend a 3 day juice cleanse because it’s kinda like pressing the reboot button on your computer. It’s just enough time for your body to kick itself into a cleanse mode. I recommend doing at LEAST 6 to 8 16 oz. bottles of freshly pressed, organic juice. No packaged juices with preservatives. FRESH FULLYRAW JUICES.



If you can’t make them yourself, then find a juice service around you that can make them for you. The thing about juice cleanses though is that YOU MUST drink enough. You’re goal is to feel energized, not tired. Juicing increases the amounts of vitamins and minerals that you are intaking and is beneficial when you are satisfied and not starving yourself.



If you can’t do a juice cleanse, then do 3 days of JUST SMOOTHIES! Smoothies have fiber and may help you to feel more satisfied at the end of the day. BOTH are beneficial in different ways. If you want to learn the difference between juices and smoothies, check out a recent video I made regarding this topic. :)



Step 3

If both of these are too difficult for you to do, my third suggestion is to drink 2 of my fruit infused waters DAILY along with eating 1 FULLYRAW MEAL A DAY IN CONJUNCTION WITH eliminating meat, dairy, salts, oils, and processed sugars from your diet.



Please do this for your health.



It may be hard to do at first, but I promise you will thank me later. Make the commitment, create a plan, clean out the JUNK from your pantry, and START CREATING THE HEALTH YOU WANT NOW.



In addition with those 3 things, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to EXERCISE and get sunshine! Get outside and enjoy taking some deep breaths. Work on your inner self and start a mediation journal. Envision. Create. Learn. Love. Love yourself. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN BE TO INSPIRE OTHERS TOWARDS GREATER HEALTH.

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