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    Triple Layer Cherry Raspberry LOVE Cake for Valentine’s Day!

    First, we will be making the crust of this recipe, and we will be using our food processor. When ready, go ahead and add in 2 cups of pitted dates, 1.5 cups of dried white mulberries, and if you can’t find mulberries use raw almond flour, and half a cup of raw carob or cacao. Add cinnamon if desired. Pulse until this reaches a crust consistency, press it into your pie pan, and the crust is complete!



    Second, we will be making the sweet cherry filling. Blend up 1-2 cups of fresh or frozen cherries, 1 cup of raw coconut water, 5-6 pitted dates, and if you want it to be thicker and creamier add a frozen banana or 2 tablespoons of raw cashews or raw coconut flour. Blend until smoothe and then pour and spread over your crust.



    After you spread the sweet cherry filling on your crust, we will be adding a layer of sliced strawberries in between here and our next filling!



    Next up, we will be making the sweet raspberry filling! When ready, blend 2 cups of fresh or frozen raspberries with 1 cup of coconut water, 5-6 dates, and if desired 2 tablespoons of cashews or a frozen banana. Pour this filling over the layer of sliced strawberries, and smooth it over with a spatula.



    When this is complete, we will add on one more layer of sliced strawberries between the sweet raspberry filling and our coconut cream icing…coming up next!



    Next, we will be making a coconut cream icing! In your high speed blender, add 2 cups of raw coconut water, 1 cup of raw cashews, and 1 tablespoon of raw coconut flour or even the meat of a young coconut. Blend this up, and spread this onnnnn top…. What I did after this was I placed this cake in the fridge for about 3-4 hours so that it took a solid form.



    Our cake is ALMOST done! Now, all we have to do is add the glaze and toppings! For those who want to add a chocolate layer glaze on top, blend 2 cups of coconut water, half a cup of raw coconut nectar, and 1 cup of raw cacao. Add / adjust coconut water based upon the consistency you desire. After this, start decorating the top just as you wish! I am using strawberries, raspberries, shredded coconut, and more!


    I hope you love this recipe my friends! Please enjoy…and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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