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Fully Raw

  • FullyRaw Rainbow Cake

    What You’ll Need



    For this cake, you will need a food processor and a high speed blender like a vitamix. You will also need a pie pan and perhaps even a pie plate to display it on when we are done.



    This cake will be made in 6 colorful layers…the colors of the rainbow!


    Making the Crust



    Before we get into making the colorful fillings, we must first make the crust. For the crust, we are going to add into our food processor approximately 1.5 cups of raw dried mulberries, 1 cup of freshly pitted dates, and 1 large tablespoon of cinnamon. Process this until you get a crust-like consistency, then press it into your pie pan. Voila! You have crust!



    The Filling

    Now for the BEST PART…making the filling! Now this can get a little drawn out and complicated, not because it’s hard, but only because we are creating 6 layers.



    For the fillings, we will be using our high speed blenders! You will have your colorful fruit ingredient, and you need to pick a base. The choices are raw coconut milk, cashews, almond milk, or plain young coconut meat.



    Red Layer

    For the first layer, we are going to go ALL RED. Add into your blender:



    1.5 cup of strawberries

    2-3 dates

    Either the meat of 1 young coconut or 2 tablespoons of cashews



    Blend this up, and pour it into your pie pan on top of your crust. Ready for the next layer??



    Orange Layer

    For the ORANGE, you’re going to blend and layer 1.5 cups of papaya (or orange if you can’t find papaya) with raw almond milk or coconut milk.



    Yellow Layer

    For the YELLOW, blend 1 cup of pineapple with 1-2 ripe bananas and 1 tablespoon of cashews or coconut milk.



    Green Layer

    For the GREEN, blend 3-4 ripe bananas with 1 tablespoon of raw barley grass powder or spirulina.



    Blue Layer

    For the BLUE, blend 2-3 ripe bananas with a cup of very BLUE blueberries. Add a few dates for extra sweetness.



    Purple Layer

    For the PURPLE, blend 1 banana with a cup of blackberries and a quarter cup of coconut milk or cashews.



    Now Eat!

    After you have blended and poured your layers, go ahead and stick your cake in the freezer for approximately 7 hours to really firm it up. When ready, you can take it out, top it with some zesty citrus sprinkles or extra berries…and LOOK! It’s a FULLYRAW RAINBOW BIRTHDAY CAKE! How special does this look?!



    Special days call for special cakes, and this cake is DEFINTIELY ONE OF A KIND… JUST like YOU! 😉



    Are you ready for the final taste?? Let’s give it a try! :)

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