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Hey you guys it’s Kristina! Guess what?! ┬áI am announcing my next, NEW challenge: The FullyRaw 14-Day-Summer Bikini Body Challenge! I have releasied 14 videos in 14 days to help ALL of us kick off the Summer eating healthy, getting fit, and feeling confident!

For me, this challenge isn’t about having the perfect body, but it’s about gaining enough confidence in my body to become my highest, strongest self possible! Everyone wants to look and feel their best in the Summer because this is when we have the opportunity to show our skin to the sun! I want to be here to inspire you to gain that self-confidence so that you can really shine! It’s not about what you look like, but it’s about how you feel! When you FEEL really amazing, it shows on the outside! So our goal will be to get healthy on ALL levels so that others can SEE this change in you and see you shine!

This 14-day Challenge  includes:

  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Fitness videos
  • Bikini body ready tips
  • Weight loss tricks
  • And more!

The amount of information that I am sharing with you on this challenge is abundant! You can also check out the Bikini Body Challenge e-book, that has a 14 day meal plan, exercise routine, and summary of ALL of the information in the challenge! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SIGN UP FOR THE CHALLENGE.

For those who do this challenge, I will ask everyone in the end to submit their testimonials, and I will be choosing 1 person’s transformational testimonial to feature them in a future video!

You will walk away from this challenge with a a new found self-confidence and hopefully a step in the right direction towards the body of your dreams! We all want to look and feel our best in Summer, so this is your chance. We are going to use the these 14 days to build a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits this Summer. Once you get in the groove of eating well and exercising, you REALLY start to see the benefits!

Please join me as I share with you ALL that I know about nutrition, fitness, self-love, and more! You will watch ME get into shape, and I hope that you join me! It’s time to celebrate our bodies with confidence, joy, and love! I’m ready for this challenge! Are you?! The Summer Bikini Body Challenge…HERE WE COME! :)

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