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Best Foods for Stress Relief


Hey you guys, it’s Kristina! Today, we are going to talk about STRESS, and I am going to share with you the BEST FOODS FOR STRESS RELIEF.


Let’s face it…we all deal with stress. Stressors can be big or small, but the effects compile and leave us feeling weighed down, tired, anxious, depressed, unhappy, irritable, hungry, and more. I always tell people that dealing with your emotional and spiritual health is just as important as your physical health. They are connected. The body and the mind are connected.


I know many people who eat when they are stressed, and I know many people who can’t eat when they are stressed. On one side you have people who emotionally eat when they are stressed, and they try to “stuff” their emotions by numbing themselves with unhealthy foods. These foods can be processed, junk foods or even processed vegan “junk” foods.


On the other side you will have people who get so nervous and tied up in their tummy that they can’t think to consume anything. Stress can leave us feeling overwhelmed and brings us out of balance. Both of these are a form of self-sabotage. When we truly love ourselves and respect our bodies, we will find healthier ways to handle stress. You cannot eat or starve away your problems, but you can control your reaction to them, process them, and shift your perception so that you are at peace.


Step 1: Identify the Stress!

OK… let’s get balanced. Are you ready?! My first tip to dealing with stress is to first identify the stressor or stressors and process it emotionally. Literally ASK YOURSELF HOW you are feeling and why? Then, envision HOW you would fix or handle the situation in a perfect world. Find peace in that and HOLD onto that emotion until you feel your breath calm.


Step 2: Deal With the Stress!

My next tip involves dealing with stress and food. Clear out your cabinets of ALL junk food right now. Fill it up with FULLYRAW foods like the ones that I am about to share with you. The best part about eating raw, vegan foods is that these foods are foods that are GOOD for you and the LOVE YOU BACK. They nourish you from the inside out, leaving you feeling balanced, satisfied, positive, and healthier!


What to Eat

Even if you try to overeat or “stuff” yourself with these foods, it’s VERY VERY difficult to overeat on veggies and some fruits. It is possible, yes, but very uncommon. So the next time you are in a stressful mood, avoid the junk. Avoid stuffing yourself. Face your emotions head on and try eating some of these foods for stress relief. Here is my recommended list:



Eat a HUGE salad or make a green juice! Both of these are calming and filled with minerals, macro and micro nutrients, and phytochemicals to help restore balance in your body.


Bananas contain 3 types of sugars fructose, glucose, and sucrose and fiber, and they are filled with GOOD carbohydrates to keep your body functioning energetically and calmfully. Bananas are said to help alleviate depression, PMS, anemia, blood pressure, and more. Go eat some ripe speckled bananas!


Crunchy Vegetables

Carrots, celery, cauliflower, or snap peas. Sometimes when you are anxious or stressed, you want something to GNAW on and crunchy to eat. GO FOR THE VEGGIES instead of the chocolate bar, nuts, popcorn. You can munch on these all day if you want and feel GOOD about your choice rather than resentful for making a bad food choice.



Watermelon is my FAVORITE stress relief fruit, but you can really choose any hydrating and juicy fruits that you like. Watermelon is high in lycophene, electrolytes, and potassium to help restore your body when it is exhausted. It is also HYDRATING and filled with simple sugars that will leave you energized, cooled, and smiling. Who doesn’t love a big slice of watermelon?!


Cucumber or Zucchini

Cucumber or Zucchini with lemon spritzed on top. These are great low-sugar fruits that you can eat in abundance and enjoy guilt free. If you haven’t already, please check out my recipe for my mango avocado noodle salad or even my fullyraw noodles with pesto sauce! YUM!


Jicama with lemon and paprika

This is a latin american snack, but it is WONDERFUL to enjoy as a stress relieving snack! Simply peel the skin of the juicy root, slice up your jicama, and sprinkle on some lemon and paprika. It’s hyrating, cooling, and spicy to keep your taste buds on fire and cool all at the same time. Plus, it’s delicious!


Purple cabbage

Purple cabbage is filled with SO many nutrients and is one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants of any veggie. Just the color alone is enough to make you FEEL vibrant when you eat it! If you want a recipe with purple cabbage, I love to use it in my rainbow salads, and I have those recipes on my website at


Half an Avocado

Avocado is a GOOD source of natural fat that is a little more filling that fruit and can be very calming when you combine it in your salad dressing or salad. It’s not always bad to avoid fats. A little goes a long way and can be very beneficial for your body to function.


Fruit infused water

If you know me, you know how much I LOVE these! Check out my video on fruit infused waters for some great recipes and bring one of these with you WHEREVER YOU GO. HYDRATE YOURSELF and enjoy eating the fruit afterwards!


Ice Cream!!!

If you really want a sweet tooth satisfier, my last recommendation is to try chocolate chip mint ice cream! I just made this in one of my last videos, and it is the BEST way to Satisfy your cravings guilt-free and eat HEALTHY all at the same time! It’s vegan, raw, gluten-free, sweet, creamy, GREEN, chocolately, and totally healthy! You really have no idea until you try it!


OR! Try this…

Don’t all of those options sound delicious?! YES! 😉
In addition to those, when dealing with stress I recommend



GETTING Exercise






Breathe deeply



Spend time in nature



and SLEEP!! ALL of these are hugely important to restore balance.



I also Also recommend…



Lavender essential oils



Warm showers or baths









…and A massage from a friend if you can get one.

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