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When you were little, you dreamed of flying, or swam in the ocean and pretended that you were a fish. You felt free and escalated! You felt like you were able to escape from your body because you were feeling so high on energy, on joy, and on life! When you are Fully Raw, this is how you feel all of the time! You cleanse your body of physical, mental, and spiritual impurities, and you find essence in your own skin. Eating raw is not only one of the best cures for almost all sicknesses, diseases, and addictions, but also the secret of life and living! Many seek balance, joy, peace, excitement, love, and self-respect in their lives, and this is the most real path to reach that state of utter, neverending gratitude. Everyone wants to feel “Fully Happy.” When will you decide that it is finally your time?


Being FullyRaw takes effort, patience, dedication, heart, time, and support. Somewhere deep inside of you, you must feel self-love just enough to want to take this journey. That is a beautiful thing, and it only means that you WANT to learn the art of self-love. Many of us have dozens of years of damage to cleanse from our bodies, and this cannot be done overnight.


Healing takes time. We cannot simply focus on one aspect of our lives, but we must take into account all habits and thoughts while living for optimal health. Depending on where you are in your life, you may feel like health is far away or very near. Regardless, FullyRaw lifts you to the next level! Imagine how high you can soar!


There is a difference between living a raw foods lifestyle and simply eating raw foods. The journey is one of the most beautiful roads with which you can ever bless your life. With so many raw food controversies, many find difficulties in staying on a path that is logical as well as motivational.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has been thriving on a 100% low fat raw vegan diet for almost 7 years. She has transformed her life not only physically, but also spiritually and mentally. She went from being an incapacitated hyperglycemic to running 7 miles a day eating nothing but bananas and peaches. She considers herself to be another child of the creator of Juice Feasting, John Rose, whom has mentored her for her entire journey. She has also interned and worked for Dr. Douglas Graham, a leader in the raw foods movement. Kristina finds that her strengths lie in inspiring others to step into their healthful dreams and gain enough focus to be able to achieve their innermost desires. Many need personal support on their journeys, and Kristina is willing to offer all of her wisdom to those who wish to accept it.



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